Outstanding MAACCE Member of the Year

Summer 2023 Conference

The Outstanding MAACCE Member of the Year Award is provided to a MAACCE member that participates in school and community activities. This award is given to an individual who understands the characteristics of their program and students and who is committed to the education profession.

This year, we will choose two recipients.

Award Criteria:
1. A current practitioner in a MAACCE category (AEL, Community Education, Higher Education, and Afterschool).
2. Participates in school and community activities.
3. Communicates effectively with learners, colleagues, and supervisors.
4. Committed to the education profession.
5. Committed to his/her own lifelong learning (evidence of professional development).
6. Understands the physical, psychological, social, and cognitive characteristics of learners and colleagues.
7. Provides a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere for learning, which fosters freedom of thought and expression.
8. Assists learners in formulating personal learning objectives and assessing progress towards those objectives.
9. Uses the instructional methods, techniques, materials, and resources most appropriate for the learning tasks and characteristics of the student.

Please submit a narrative describing the nominee’s commitment to the above criteria. Please include the name and contact information (address, phone, and email) for both the nominee and nominator on the document. The winner will be awarded a plaque of recognition and a $500 cash prize at the MAACCE 2023 summer conference.

Nominations can be emailed to Lydia McClellan at  by June 1, 2023