Conference Speakers



Josh Varner is a trauma informed speaker and a school mental health professional with a PASSION for helping individuals and schools to support students who have been impacted by childhood trauma.  Josh has presented over 200 high energy, informative, interactive presentations to audiences all over the country.  Along with speaking Josh has been a mental health professional, school counselor and coordinated an at-risk student program. Josh has experience in the classroom working with traumatized students and knows what will work for teachers. 

Be Their Hero: Trauma Informed Care

Two out of every three students in the United States are impacted by a traumatic event.  When students experience trauma or an extremely stressful situation, it’s normal and natural for them to have a hard time coping afterwards.  I’m passionate about teaching educators how to support individuals impacted by trauma.  I specialize in inspiring teachers that they can support these students and be the hero in their life journey.  
During this training participants will learn:
1.  Learn how many students are impacted by childhood trauma and how to identify them.
2.  Learn how the brain and body respond to trauma and how that impacts student behavior. 
3.  Leave with a  ‘Call to Action’ and be equipped with many specific tools that are easy to use to support their students.