Google Applied Digital Skills Boot Camp

Google is hosting this Google Applied Digital Skills Boot Camp at MAACCE through their partnership with COABE. If you would like to attend this three hour break out session, please register using the link below. You need to bring your own laptop, tablet, Chromebook, etc. A smart phone will not work for this event. Please read the instructions carefully and complete all items. You will need to 1) register for the session 2) complete the pre-session survey 3) create a Google Applied Digital Skills account and 4) create a free Google account. 

Join Us for the COABE Google Applied Digital Skills Boot Camp! 

Registration Link

Wednesday, June 19th at the
2019 MAACCE Conference!
Join us from 8:30-11:30AM
at the Tan-Tar-A Resort, Parasol II Room
Learn How to Get Started with Google’s Applied Digital Skills in Your Classroom 

In this session, you will receive a deep dive professional development training on Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Applied Digital Skills is a free, online and video-based curriculum that you can use in the classroom with your students to teach them the basic digital skills needed for today’s evolving job market.

The curriculum has hundreds of hours of lessons that you can choose from, including how to send an email, make a resume, search for a job, plan an event, and even create a business plan. It also includes free resources like student progress tracking and assignment submission. By the end of this session, you will be able to leverage the curriculum in the classroom with your students. Applied Digital Skills is entirely free and ready for you to make an account by signing up below.

Important Pre-Work: Please come to this session with a Google account. To make a new Google account for free use the button below.

What do you need for the training?In order to maximize your learning outcomes from the session, you will be able to navigate the curriculum live, make an account, and set up your first class. As such, we highly recommend you bring the following items to this training:

  • Laptop or tablet to access the curriculum through its website

  • Headphones to listen to example curriculum videos on your device

  • Wifi

Don’t forget to send us your story! Are you using Google’s free, online digital literacy curriculum for adults? Applied Digital Skills uses video-based and project-based lessons to walk students through projects like making a resume, applying for a job, or making a business plan from start to finish.

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Please visit the Google Applied Digital Skills blog, The Keyword, to read inspiring stories, hear about product updates, and more.